A report on the kosovo conflict

In January, the Appeals Court in Belgrade confirmed jail sentences of eight former Vukovar Territorial Defence fighters for the massacre of approximately people at Ovcara following the fall of Vukovar, Croatia, in This allows the court to issue first indictments.

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In July, gay rights activists issued a call to challenge marriage laws in Kosovo, which define marriage as strictly between two people of different sexes, as being contrary to the constitution. There was a perception among Serbian nationalists that Serbs were being driven out of Kosovo.

kosovo war crimes

In August, the special prosecution office in Kosovo charged a former Serb police officer with war crimes for his alleged participation in the killing of two Albanian civilians in The criminal investigation into his case was ongoing at time of writing.

Russia made it clear that it still saw this draft as a continuation of the Ahtisaari plan.

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By end of July, UNHCR estimated that there were approximately 6, asylum seekers and other migrants present in Serbia, compared to 4, in August The operation of the special court to try serious war crimes committed during the Kosovo war was delayed due to a change in the special prosecutor.

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