An analysis of the australias foreign policy and the world war two issues

australian foreign policy white paper 2003

New York: Oxford University Press, So too should they be conscious of the reputation of their nation. But over the last few years it has been getting much harder to maintain this difficult balance.

How best to protect it, however, had yet to be decided, and after the principle of White Australia was upheld through the passage of the Immigration Restriction Act and subsequent discussions, the following years in Australian politics were heavily devoted to establishing the defenses of the nation.

australian foreign policy white paper 2009

Osmond, Warren G. Oxford: Oxford University Press, As the years have gone by, our anxiety to preserve that protective umbrella has become entrenched in our strategic thinking, leading to our involvement alongside the USA in wars from Korea to Iraq. Log out of ReadCube.

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Millar, T. Above all, aim for results that are both workable and humane. Victoria implemented the first restriction against the Chinese influx in when a Commission of Enquiry imposed regulations on Chinese workers, keeping them in their own, separated labor camps.

Australias changing foreign policy ww2

As can be imagined, was a busy year for Australian leaders and British officials alike. If it does, Australia can ride the waves of change. As for the importance of reputation in foreign policy, there is no doubt it furthers economic and security interests. Last year the Australian foreign minister, for example, did what no other Australian leader has done since Canberra recognized Beijing in lectured China on their system of government. The external policies which we will need to adopt will not be simplistic choices between our security and economic interests. But whether these appeals would make a difference in the event of a more serious clash of interests between the United States and Australia, especially over issues in Asia, is another matter entirely. Australia wants the United States, in many ways, which existed before the Trump administration, although previous U. Discussions between Australian leaders and British officials over the defense of the soon-to-be Commonwealth unsurprisingly dominated the year preceding federation, as it proved to be the most controversial—indeed one of the only—issues involved in nation building.

In confronting future challenges, government will have to be prepared — as it was with economic policy a generation ago — to forthrightly and honestly engage Australia as a whole, its institutions and its people.

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Australia's Triangular Foreign Policy