Analyse and evaluate an event you

To save money and time, consider how you can do better next time.

role and importance of event evaluation

We have developed a proforma to assist event organisers capture relevant data to present their event evaluation. Is it really worth doing again?

Analyse and evaluate an event you

Mention you will be asking their feedback during the vent itself or you will send the guests an evaluation request the next day. The best tips for event evaluation To get the most out of your event evaluation process, use the following tips: No surprise effects. To provide the most reasonable feedback, event attendees have to be prepared. You can ask questions like: After attending the event, are you more or less likely to recommend company products and services to family and friends? Why do you need to evaluate the success of an event? Successes: Celebrate what you did well! There are a number of online survey tools like Survey Monkey you can use for that purpose. How to approach this section Start the meeting on a positive note.

The asterisk shows questions that are compulsory, followed by optional fields like contact details. What should be evaluated?

Your survey results will give you the answer.

Evaluating an event and the methods that can be used to do this

This can annoy your guests and skew the outcome of evaluation. In the evaluation process, both clients and stakeholders in events insist a report on how their resources have been used and to which extent objectives have been accomplished. Follow him on Twitter at DanCarthy2. How do I evaluate my event? This will help guarantee the accuracy of the findings. Media and press hits Public recognition and media coverage define the success and importance of an event. Based on this framework, you can create a custom recipe for effective events and learn which points have to be improved in the future. What can be improved for the next edition, if there is one? Can you put in place specific workflows, reviews or sign-off processes, collaborative tools, or other efforts that will help you sustain best practices and avoid bad ones? Did advertising work? This will get attendees excited and talking about it on their own social network channels.

You can even set up automated alerts during the event when guests state they are not satisfied with your event. Should you outsource production or bring it in-house?

post event evaluation example

What was the most popular aspect of the event?

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6 Ways to Measure the Success of Your Event