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The preservation of the combination of biological characters used to identify these phyla today and in the Phanerozoic fossil record are sufficient. Biomarkers Sponges are a basal metazoan group expected to have high preservation potential given the presence of mineralized spicules in most extant sponges, including members of the earliest branching groups However, this body fossil record is at odds with molecular clock analyses Fig. For the Lantian and Weng'an deposits blue circles represent likely ages and grey bars represent the range of uncertainty in these age estimates. Once you have assessed your learners, you must take action. Formative assessment considers evaluation as a process. The question typically centers around the main point of the course, most surprising concept, most confusing area of the topic and what question from the topic might appear on the next test. Figure 1 Summary of major Ediacaran and early Cambrian fossil assemblages. Difference 4 Remember when I said that with formative assessment the evaluation takes place several times during the learning process en with summative assessment at the end of a chapter or course? The evaluation is already done.

Although understanding how to interpret cladograms is an essential skill for identifying evolutionary relationships, problems arise as students learn to examine these diagrams see Baum et al. We emphasize that these dates represent minimum ages for the appearance of these groups, and that there are older, albeit weaker, claims suggestive of even greater antiquity.

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The group assessment process is part of the learning; don't feel you must grade it. Second, the preliminary interviews confirmed the use of alternative strategies to interpret relationships on cladograms see Gregory and showed students regularly used three strategies, similarity, proximity and node counting Fig.

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How to Use the Assessments in This Book The quick formative assessments found within this book are designed for easy implementation in any classroom.

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Student 2 determined the relationship among taxa by counting the number of intervening internal nodes.

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Formative vs Summative Assessment