Can dyslexia affect writing a resume

Seek Out Helpful Tools According to some research estimates, 10 percent of the population has dyslexia in some form.

But then I hit the first hurdle and fall flat on my faceā€¦. Although this may be an area of weakness, focusing on grammar rules helps. By varying the degree of difficulty in words to spell, researchers were able to analyse the impact of spelling process disorders on handwriting.

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Each person's dyslexia is different, but graduate job hunters who are affected may be concerned about the assumptions others might make and about how they will be judged.

You could also try recording yourself answering questions so that you can listen back to what you said and see where you could improve. In particular, if a candidate has dyslexia, they should be looking to excel at any part of the selection process that requires creativity, to show that dyslexia can deliver some significant advantages in the workplace.

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The techniques of editing and refining demand extra stamina and time, and need to be done in separate stages. The marketplace has responded with a range of tools that can help you in your work.

To be effective, this requires good pre-planning and time management. Additionally, some students will have a combination of these difficulties and disabilities. Cognitive Neuropsychology, ; 34 : DOI: Consider requesting a list of the interview questions beforehand or asking if the interviewer can put the questions to you one by one, in chronological order, avoiding multiple questions.

It's just a shame that the first step in the application still depends upon candidates with dyslexia mostly having to still express their strengths via one of their weaknesses.

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Dyslexia in the Workplace