Christ like vs secular

Everything we do, from work, to relationships, to hobbies, to eating and drinking, is to be done for the glory of God 1 Corinthians That is the human capacity for evil.

secular religion

Think of the revolutionary war and the contentions between loyalists and revolutionaries. So whether we choose to embrace it or not, we are creatures of faith.

Christianity and secularism

But then, on the other side of the room, a lot of people think their work has to be overtly Christian. They want religious people to have a respected and honored place in society. Who is abusing who? Without an outside reference to base all beliefs on, natural law, then there is nothing but a subjective vacuous morality pinned to the changing moods of the populous of a nation. It derives its understanding of who man is, the nature of his problems, why he has these problems and how to resolve them from the Scriptures and from psychological research that is compatible with Scripture. For the Christian in the workplace, it should not matter whether or not he is in vocational Christian ministry. For many, the second definition is what their mind would be drawn to when they contemplate 'faith'. We can hear the echoes and thuds in the distance. They shop and spend and consume and get sucked into the same old tired uninteresting orbit of more, more, more like everyone else. Maybe they even tithe.

In the past, I supported mainly liberal causes. Recent Posts. Most counselors have graduate degrees and have spent years learning their craft.

secularism vs christianity

Who is the victim?

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The Faith Conspiracy and the Power of Secular vs Christian Belief Systems