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The information assists managers in making comparisons of daily sales, monthly sales and yearly sales and makes the necessary adjustments. There are two key entities in our database design of online DVD sales. The following paper represents a database analysis and design of an online DVD sales information system.

I would choose to use an enterprise database over a personal database. Flat File Database A flat file database is an excellent way of storing a pretty small amount of records.

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As her teacher, who was acquainted with her for 4 years during her under graduation in Computer Science, I regard her as a very keen and diligent learner. The information you find about the concrete terms will tell you about the "roles" and "methods", the "process" or the "importance", but they probably won't use those words exactly. The context diagram consists of the following external entities: DVD purchase system Management: requires management reports in managing and decision making Accounting-cash acceptance The top level diagram for online DVD sales has seven major operational processes: The function of the system Who is responsible for giving inputs Who received the outputs Descriptions of process Process 1: sold DVD items This is the process where the customer buys a DVD from the store. Researchers classify the databases according to the user specific functionalities, parameters as well as application. Print Kotok, A. It is public repository for individual level phenotype, exposure, genotype, sequence data and the associations between them. These days use of e-commerce websites, social networking sites etc. In addition, it assists in identifying the potential market by determining areas where more customers shop from. Unauthorised access is restricted.

It helps users and programmers for creating updating and managing the data in a systematic way. They both have the same functionality and data modifications, but the enterprise database also has additional networking capabilities.

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Meanwhile, information retrieval system is a system that involved the activity that the systems obtain the information. Detailed designs of all required components including their technology specifications are required on this stage.

The report includes number of copies sold, cash reviews, customer and complaints.

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