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Most content is from American or Canadian universities but content from other countries is growing. The collection is primarily in English, with some in English and Chinese, and others in Chinese only.

DiVA: Academic Archive On-line : DiVA is an online portal containing research publications and student theses from 28 Scandinavian universities and colleges of higher education.


LIM is verified against analytical solutions in frequency-domain for linear response regimes—wherein it is shown that LIM can accurately capture the frequency-dependent responses of the retained soil—as well as other previous studies for inelastic conditions. These models are able to predict the lateral capacity of the retained soil and residual displace- ments with a modest computational effort—as compared to, for example, predic- tive simulations carried out with three-dimensional finite element models—, which renders them to be amenable for repeated nonlinear time-history analyses required for performance-based seismic assessment and design.

Presence of skew-angled abutments complicates the seismic behavior of or- dinary bridges, primary driver of which is the passive lateral resistance of the engineered backfill behind the abutment. Information can also usually be found on the library web pages of the relevant institution.

Many theses are available without charge on an Open Access basis but in all other cases, if you are requesting a thesis that has not yet been digitised you will be asked to meet the cost.

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This sim- ple relationship is intended for routine use in the capacity-based seismic design and analysis of skew bridges.

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