Dionysus some ideas

apollonian vs dionysian nietzsche

Greek Mythology is often misunderstood as the main religion of Greece, but in all actuality Greek Mythology is simply a genre. Critics offer neither documentation nor footnote on this point, so barring further discovery, I will have to regard this as a "ringer.

Dionysus some ideas

After a brief exchange in which D teases the hot-headed king, Pentheus has D thrown in jail and starts planning to get the women back. The fragmentary accounts of the myth suggest that he tried to use force, but failed.

Based on "a small picture tucked away in the appendices of an old academic book" though, we are not told what the cite is for this book isthey feature a drawing of "a third-century CE amulet" with a depiction of a crucified figure which names "Orpheus Bacchus" as the figure, which is another name for Dionysus.

Panther - The favorite animal of Dionysus.


Ares, god of war, first tried to return Hephaestus to Olympus to free their mother. Thompson, Motif-Index, M, P This is also often true of the mule on which Hephaestus rides.

Apollonian vs dionysian examples

In a recent article for Eidolon , Grace Gillies mentions the unsettling feeling of wanting to identify with an androgynous-seeming statue of Dionysus in the Palazzo Massimo in Rome, Italy. FH -- Bowersock, G. Pentheus is punished severely for excluding, for refusing to acknowledge or submit to, Dionysus' divine authority. Later, a jealous Hera tricked Semele into asking Zeus to reveal his glory, which ended up burning Semele to a crisp and leaving the prenatal Dionysus behind. This unique polytheistic religion was based upon myth about anthropomorphic gods and goddesses. The Golden Bough. The Cambridge Illustrated History of Ancient Greece explains a variety of ways in which the Greeks were influenced by their religion The orgy-making was a popular as ever, but by now, with all the debauchery and gluttony, Dionysus was starting to look more like the middle-aged and balding boozer Silenus. According to Nietzsche, the critical distance, which separates man from his closest emotions, originates in Apollonian ideals, which in turn separate him from his essential connection with self.

Marduk, who is said to be very handsome with limbs well made, with fire from his mouth, as well as his huge four ears and four huge eyes, is the son of Ea and Damkina.

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Apollonian and Dionysian