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The degree of customer satisfaction depends on the decision to re-purchase and reviews about the item among friends and acquaintances. Many Xers are the dotcom world changers and engaged leaders of various causes.

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Or better yet, what decisions or attributes pointed you towards that specific purchase. Only interviewees have been taken into consideration while preparing the report which is not a good sample to provide any strategy.

Sometimes buying process takes place at a high degree of consumer involvement, who does not always notice small differences of similar products from different manufacturers. Only if something is measured, it can be managed. More doctors will purchase Hummers than lawyers. Strength and Weakness of the Brand Related Documents Consumer Behavior- Groupthink Essay Abstract This paper will give brief introduction to the deep meaning behind the word groupthink and the extent to which it is prevalent in our society today , at home, work places, institutions, entertainment places and its effect on consumer buying behavior. Reference groups Consumer behavior is often influenced by others when it comes to making decisions about the types of products or services purchased. Therefore, for the efficient sale of a product, one must be familiar with the end user and not only with the one who makes the order and or is charged for it Halstead and Page. Tenderness The quality of meat as a result of using Traditional tenderising methods is poor. Halstead, Diane, and Thomas J. If the process of writing an essay is tedious to you, ease the pain by exploring the term paper writing services! Social Class vs. Therefore, without the understanding of customer behavior and purchase patterns, it is very hard to achieve high satisfaction levels of customers. Latchkey kids: children who return from school to a locked and empty home while their parents are away at work Around one-third of all school age children around 5 to 7 million are latchkey kids. Frequently have sufficient disposable income to indulge themselves. Thirdly, the behavior of consumers can be influenced.

Here one can consider the following steps: awareness of the need, information search, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decisions, and behavior after the purchase.

Then there will be an elaborate discussion on one of the well documented form of Groupthink in behavioral psychology called Bandwagon effect and its contribution in shaping consumer behavior by looking from different aspects of marketing….

If the customer sells or exchanges the product for something more useful it will decrease the volume of new sales.

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Production through unsustainable practices result in environmental damage and the usage of such lifestyle products in turn could contribute to various lifestyle diseases apart from environmental impact

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