Functions of sangguniang panlungsod standing committees

Conduct regular inspection of all city roads and bridges, public buildings and public parks and other similar structures within the scope of the responsibility of the City of Naga.

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Establish youth center, information and reading center; 7. Study and recommend measures relating to public safety in anticipation of disasters and calamities; Establish linkages with the local, regional and national Department on Youth and Sports Development; For coming late in any kind of sessions per hour of being late or fraction thereof Fine of not less than two Hundred Fifty Pesos P Recommend measures in adopting a safe haven for deprived residents during calamities and disasters; In computing the presence of a quorum in the Sanggunian, a member who is abroad on official leave of absence, has died or resigned, suspended from office, expelled from the session or removed from office by final judgment shall be excluded therefrom. The meetings of the Sanggunian shall be open to the public except when compelled to be held behind closed doors by reason of security or other valid reasons and upon majority vote of the members of the Sanggunian present. Fine of not less than Two Hundred Fifty P

Out of courtesy, however, the City Mayor shall be furnished copies of all other approved Resolutions for his information and guidance. Maintain an on-going study on the technological development and advancement in relation to public utilities; 9.

sangguniang panlungsod functions

Committee on Civil Service — Handles all matters relating to the operation, rules and regulation of the provincial bureaucracy, and the status of the Provincial Government employees, including their compensation, classification, pension and gratuity; matters pertaining to personnel action, disciplinary measures, awards on employees, career positions, standard qualifications and other similar matters involving civil service.

It may be withdrawn at any time before a decision is made thereon or any amendment to it is presented thereto; If there are questions under debate, no other main motions, except to adjourn, to declare a recess or to lay on the table, shall be entertained. Encourage the establishment of vocational and technological schools and assist them in implementing their various programs; 4.

Conduct a continuing program of research and development in the field of parks and sports complex operation; 5.

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He shall be chosen from within the ranks of the minority party or parties who shall be responsible for planning parliamentary strategies of their group including the lining-up of speakers during debates.

Regulate the above-mentioned areas and the supervision of such activities within Naga City; 4. Oversight and Legislative Affairs Committees — All matters that have not been acted upon and all matters related to legislative affairs shall be looked into to determine the causes and recommend remedial measures for better governance.

Committee on Barangay Affairs — Problems of the barangays for development purposes, as well as other matters for the improvement of barangay administration and the implementation of the barangay justice system.

Functions of sangguniang panlungsod standing committees

Establish and implement policies and procedures on internal control and proper record keeping; 5. After the lapse of the extended period, the author of the measure or any member of the council, if he so desires, may move that the committee be discharged from further consideration of said question and that the same be assigned to another Committee or submit the question to the Body for disposition. Elections for or designation of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Members of the different standing committees shall be held on the first session of July of its new term of office. Committee on Livelihood and Small to Medium Enterprises. Such extension will not be permitted except for meritorious reasons and unless the request is made before the expiration of the time sought to be extended. Disseminate reports, findings and recommendations to all agencies, offices and committees concerned with the operation of such public utilities; 6. To perform all other functions that may be assigned to it. Perform such other functions that the Sanggunian may adopt.

Any session shall not be suspended or adjourned except when so directed by a majority of the Members of the Sanggunian but the Presiding Officer may, in his discretion, declare a recess of short intervals as when the arguments get heated up so that protagonists in a debate can talk things out informally and obviate dissention and disunity; Provided, however, that the Chair may motu proprio suspend or adjourn the session when the same became unruly or uncontrollable.

Formulate and publish an information brochure on Naga City and ensure proper and effective dissemination of same to all agencies concerned;

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Example, when any motion or report that is being read cannot be heard in a part of the Session Hall. Recommend measures in adopting paid private parking areas in the City of Naga; 9. Conduct studies and recommend industries that would enhance the growth and development of Naga City as an Industrial Center; 3. Disseminate information and literature pertaining to human rights; 4. Proposed resolutions and ordinances shall be signed by the author or authors and filed with the Office of the Secretary to the Sanggunian, who shall transmit the same to the Chairman of the Committee on Rules for inclusion in the Agenda and to be submitted to the Presiding Officer for approval. Encourage the business sector to sponsor sports programs, projects and activities; Review existing ordinances and resolutions pertaining to the urban poor; 9. Any member who commits an act in transgression of the foregoing Internal Rules of Procedure shall be punished with the corresponding penalties hereunder prescribed to wit: For disorderly conduct or behavior during a session, committee hearing or committee meeting 1st Offense - Reprimand 2nd Offense - exclusion from membership in the committee concerned; suspension to expulsion For any JUSTIFIED absence without prior notice Fine of not more than Two Hundred Fifty Pesos P There shall be a Majority Leader who shall be chosen from within the ranks of the dominant party and whose functions are as follows: He shall approve matters for inclusion in the agenda: Provided, however, that any proposed legislation or matter not included in the agenda shall be calendared upon written petition of a majority of the members of the Sanggunian; He shall move for approval of any item in the agenda or for reference thereof to the corresponding committee, his motion to this effect requiring no second: Provided, however, that if the motion is objected, the same yields to the motion, duly seconded, of any member of the Sanggunian; He shall be responsible for assigning speakers belonging to the dominant party to sponsor any particular piece of proposed legislation during sessions; and He shall be responsible for planning, parliamentary strategies on the floor, assigning speakers belonging to the dominant party during debates and lining up of members behind partisan issues.
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Sangguniang Panlungsod