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We all have the same ambitions and aspirations to raise our family and to live life to its fullest. He both succeeded and failed in what he sought to do, but he always moved forward and he never gave up the quest for improvement, both social and spiritual, and both for individuals and for the Nation as a whole.

For leaders and managers who wish to have an inspiring leadership style, Gandhi has a lot of ideas that you can emulate. His belief was probably the most important factor in Mahatma's success.

why gandhi was a great leader essay

Gandhi also placed limits on when fasting was appropriate; Fasts could only be undertaken against those people he loved Fasts must have a concrete and specific goal, not abstract aims The fast must be morally defensible in the eyes of the target The fast must in no way serve his own interests The fast must not ask people to do something they were incapable of, or to cause great hardship.

If Indians voluntarily registered, all Indian protesters in jail would be released.

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Gandhi believed that behavior is more important than achievement. Gandhi followed these principles on every fast. The Leadership analysis and commentary is my own, faults and all. Gandhi was very much a product of his times, yet one of his greatest sources of inspiration was the Bhagavad-Gita, written thousands of years ago. In essence, he was pro- human rights to steal a phrase he never actually used in its current Western meaning , but with a profound personal intensity and commitment. How you treat people and represent yourself throughout your journey should be exemplary or your results are tarnished by the method by which they were reached. Credibility Credibility is single most important quality of a good leader; it is the foundation. Although Gandhi was a man of faith, he did not create any specific dogma for his followers. He resorted to simple and poor living, just like millions in the country, hence people looked at Gandhi as one of their own, they could see their own sufferings in him. So, to be a good leader you need to be very skillful to construct bridges of empathy with people. Treatment to others His letters and writings to other great leaders in India, the world and even to young children never had a patronizing or "holier-than-thou" element but always looked at everyone as equals. As he encouraged denying disobedience by boycotting the legislative part e. Although there are many traits and behaviors that caused the success of Gandhi, the research has a few picked ingredients: 1. His decision to fast was his decision.

It was published in Decemberin Gujarati. His second imprisonment was also in his third was in The views represented here are not necessarily those of his employer. Importance of Study Gandhi's leadership role was extremely complex. By writing about one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, we were able to answer parts of these questions.

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Mahatma Gandhi, Spiritual & Political Leader: Youth For Human Rights Champion