Greatest invention last 50 years essay

inventions in the last 50 years

As the earliest iteration of a computer-aided design CAD program, Sketchpad pioneered the use of geometric constraints fixing the length of a line or an angle between two segments. Almost every family in developed countries owns a car. Innovation in biofuels production is facilitating a partial shift from conventional fossil-fuel sources.

All of these developments helped make surgery more precise, which in turn made surgery safer and reduced recovery time for patients.

The Segway transporter is an electric power transportation machine.

internet is the best invention essay

Doctors wanted a way to keep arteries open permanently. Smartphones almost cover a majority of the needs in people's daily life and people start to rely on their phone deeply. Up Next 4 Inventions That Rocked the World in the Past 50 Years--and 1 That's Coming Soon A rocket scientist and an accomplished tech investor reveal their picks for the breakthroughs that have changed the world.

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