How to write a brace map

circle map

This way you can create a progression towards a cause, or a succession of events after an effect. Stemming out from both are bubbles of two types. In an elementary school setting, the tree map can help classify concepts such as animal families or types of sentences. The two central circles contain the two main ideas.

You can include illustrations, shapes, colors or even animations. Towards the sides, are the bubbles that define the differences of each central circle.

double bubble map

As we teach the language curriculum later in the year we will use the Brace for those concepts. Bridge maps make it easier for them to internalize this knowledge. Tell us in the comments if you already use graphic organizers and what your experience is with them.

thinking map

The rectangles on the right are the effects of the chosen event. A fun brace map can be used as an outline to show everyone how they can network with each other.

Conclusion As you can see, graphic organizers are a rich resource when it comes to creative analytical thinking processes. Concepts and ideas are not what brace maps are for. This addresses RL1.

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Using Thinking Maps: Brace Map