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The written interactions with her students, still struggling with reading and writing in English, provided her with an immediate, ongoing assessment of individual levels of comprehension. Is there something we could do to let people know how truthful a candidate is being?

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Recent research on the use of dialogue journals in second language acquisition settings has focused on their value in developing students' critical thinking by providing opportunities for them to practice self-reflective awareness, develop an empowered personal "voice" and critique classroom practices.

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If sharing, get permission first. Is there something we could do to let people know how truthful a candidate is being? Alexander [94] studied the dialogue journal writing that she did with grade 6, 7, and 8 students learning English ages 11—15 in her classes in a suburban U. His approach included interacting with the students orally first, so that he and the students knew each other; gradually moving toward independent writing, without initial oral interaction; ensuring that the written dialogue was at the student's levels, so they had the satisfaction of reading and writing successfully; and providing time for the writing to take place, so that the students don't feel rushed. This is true not only in contexts where thinking and writing are done independently, but also in contexts where both young and adult learners interact and collaborate with more knowledgeable others. They moved to using a specific pattern in one or two sentences e. That's not typically the way a teaching situation works. However, after a year of engaging in this writing, Fallon found that he was not seeing the writing and reading development that he had hoped to see, and "our dialogue had become stagnant" p.

That way we could inform people about it. Walworth's analysis demonstrates how a teacher and a student can work together, first to determine the student's schema or background knowledge and then to make use of it to promote understanding of the meaning of the text.

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In a series of studies of dialogue journal writing in university classes in Hong Kong, Guizhou, and Beijing, China, Chiesa and Bailey [48] found that the writing was not only a language-learning task but also "a way [for the students] to grow socially, mentally, and emotionally with the support of a teacher" p.

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