How to write a leaving certificate geography

A change in the marking scheme last year means there is no advantage in the marks allotted to naming the 4 Aspect versus naming 3.

Leaving cert geography exam layout

You are marked on your best Part A is worth 20 marks; parts B and C are worth 30 marks each. If you are asked to write about two factors, write two clear paragraphs with each factor as a heading. There are no trick questions and examiners like to give marks. Best of luck with the exam. For the first time in years, a question on multinational corporations did not appear in the economic elective. Ask the invigilator for graph paper. Make sure you pick the correct Elective. Divide your SRPs accordingly. Bring a wrist watch into the exam and leave it on your table saves breaking your train of thought looking up to the clock. Underline them, then jot down a few key words and start writing your answer.

This gives you 8. There are 80 marks for this question, 20 of which are for Overall Coherence.

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Which you choose will depend on the question. Number the questions you answered clearly.

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Read the question carefully. Environmental issues appeared in 2C, with a nice question on how human activity impacts on surface processes. If you choose this question, draw your OS map the right way up in your lined answer booklet.

This is worth looking at this to see what standard or writing is expected. If you make a mistake, put a simple line through it like this — you never know, it might get considered in the wash. Students were also asked questions on how Brexit might impact on Ireland and the European Union.

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This is worth looking at this to see what standard or writing is expected. But it all depends on which Option you are taking, how you write etc. There is a lot of work to do in that time and it is vital that you do not spend any longer on a question than you need to. You do not want an examiner trying to figure out where you put Q 4 part C. You never know that your guess might be correct. Read the question carefully. You can write about 3 or 4 Aspects. That gives you 34 minute per question. Of course, make sure your answers are Significant and Relevant.

Ask the invigilator for graph paper. Luke Saundersa geography teacher at Jesus and Mary Secondary School, EnniscroneCo Sligo, said that there were no surprises on a paper that will have put students at ease.

For 3 Aspects, you need more detail for each of 3 paragraphs.

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If you choose a question that asks you to draw a graph, it must be drawn on graph paper even if the question does not say this.

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Leaving Certificate Geography