How to write a parameter query in access 2007

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When you run the parameter query, the prompt appears in the dialog box without the square brackets, and without the Like keyword or wildcard characters: After you enter the parameter, the query returns values that contain the parameter string.

An example would be something like: Between [StartDate] And [EndDate] How To Create Parameter Queries View the query in design view In the criteria cell for the appropriate field stype in the desired expression within the square brackets [ ] For example, using a parameter to query for date values: When the query is run, Microsoft Access displays this text to prompt the user for the criteria.

If, however, you make use of the Query Parameters window you can choose the order of the prompts. When you specify the data type that a parameter should accept, users see a more helpful error message if they enter the wrong type of data, such as entering text when currency is expected.

In such cases, you can create a form that better meets your parameter collection needs. The ability to provide a combo box or list box for parameter collection, which lets you pick from a list of available data values.

In the Criteria row of the field you want to apply a parameter to, enter the text that you want to display in the parameter box, enclosed in square brackets.

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Type the phrase you want to appear in the prompt that will pop up each time you run your query. To do this: Create a select query, and then open the query in Design view. In the Query Parameters dialog box, in the Parameter column, type the prompt for each parameter for which you want to specify the data type. Click OK to accept your entries and close the window. For example, Between [Enter the start date:] And [Enter the end date:] will generate two prompts when you run the query. The ability to provide a combo box or list box for parameter collection, which lets you pick from a list of available data values. List the parameters in the order in which you want the dialog boxes to appear when the user runs the query. When you open a parameter query, Access will prompt you for a search term and then show you query results that reflect your search. If you frequently want to run variations of a particular query, consider using a parameter query Parameter query retrieves information in an interactive manner prompting the end user to supply criteria before the query is run.

At a minimum, you should be familiar with creating a select query before you continue. Here are a few examples The user has entered the text "en", causing the query to select records with entries in the LastName field of any length containing with the letters "en" together.

Using the Like Operator and Wildcards in Queries We can use the Like operator with one or more wildcards to display query results from inexact criteria.

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Dos and Don'ts for Parameter Queries Prompts must not match field names When you are designing a parameter query, make sure that the prompt is not exactly the same as one of the field names.

These prompts would appear: A parameter query using more complex criteria.

How to write a parameter query in access 2007

What if the user Doesn't Know What to Type? Parameters can be used for text, numbers or dates and can be used alone or combined with normally entered criteria. You can also specify what type of data a parameter should accept. Combining Parameters with Wildcards A useful feature of the query is its ability to accept wildcards i. If a WHERE clause already exists, check to see whether the fields for which you want to use a parameter prompt are already in the clause, and if not, add them. You can even include parameters as part of the definition of a new calculated field. When you run the query, the prompt appears without the square brackets. Take a look at my tutorial Parameter Queries - Handling Null Responses to find out how to prepare for this. Everything else is OK. Let us now enter the following date. Add a parameter to a query Create a select query, and then open the query in Design view. Finding records for a specific year or month from a collection of dates Supposing you have a field called BirthDate containing a range of dates covering several years. Combine parameters with wildcards for more flexibility As with normal criteria, you can combine parameters with the Like keyword and wildcard characters to match a wider range of items.

The user will see two separate dialog boxes, each asking for a date Fig. Let us open your database and select Query Design in the Create table tab.

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Creating Parameter Queries