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Although you may be resigning due to unsavoury matters, we urge you to approach the resignation with the right etiquette. Board Resignation Letter Example This is an example of a board resignation letter.

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The contact information should sit at the top right of your resignation letter. You may want to contact your past employer for a reference in the future. As with any resignation letter, clearly, state the date you are resigning.

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People leave their jobs for different reasons so get to the point at the beginning of your letter. Download the board resignation letter template compatible with Google Docs and Word Online or see below for more examples. A well-written resignation letter has maximum chances of convincing the employer and allowing you to go.

If it's a combination of factors, try and stick to whichever is most poignant. Never bash your current job or bosses during an interview with a potential new employer. You might simply say it is due to a family emergency, or perhaps you have a new job that will occupy most of your time.

How to write a good resignation letter?

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Whatever the reason is, she needs to submit a nursing resignation letter to her current employers. After all, you may need to get a reference from them.

Adapt it to your contract — Showing that you have considered the terms in your contract shows that your decision is thought through and it avoids any nasty surprises.

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Board Resignation Letter Example