Indecent material on the internet should be regulated by the government

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Was it the words themselves, or the words in context, that was the key to the Court's conclusion in Pacifica that the Carlin broadcast could be the basis for FCC administrative punishment? Details of what was actually said or depicted during the broadcast. Here, President George W. The remainder of this document contains an overview of governmental approaches to dealing with Internet content that is illegal, or is unsuitable for minors, followed by sections containing more detailed information about various countries. A decision by the panel is expected sometime after the final hearing date. Glen Theatre, U. A coalition led by the American Civil Liberties Union is challenging the Communications Decency Act , which was signed into law last month. The Wikipedia Deletion policy outlines the circumstances in which entire articles can be deleted. Regulation of Obscene and Indecent Material Preamble 1. If the target Web site is hosted in a shared hosting server , all websites on the same server will be blocked. If an investigation is warranted and the FCC finds a station in violation of its rules, it has the authority to revoke a station license, impose a fine or issue a warning.

This affects the HTTP protocol. Indecent content has not been narrowly defined by the courts, as has obscene content, which is held to a strict set of standards.

Indecent material on the internet should be regulated by the government

EFA was unable to find any indication that any country broadly comparable to Australia in terms of democratic political systems and cultures has, or intends to introduce, Internet censorship laws as restrictive as the provisions of the NSW Bill, nor as restrictive as existing Commonwealth legislation.

Federal Communications Commissionthe Supreme Court struck down these regulations, holding that they were overly restrictive.

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What is illegal in one country is not illegal in others, and what is deemed unsuitable for minors in one country is not in others.

Discussion related to protection of minors was primarily unfolding around the issue of filtering at public libraries. Similarly, the Commission has stated that profane material is prohibited between 6 A. The Supreme Court found that the district court had not abused its discretion in granting the preliminary injunction, because the government had failed to show that proposed alternatives to COPA would not be as effective in accomplishing its goal.

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