Is affirmative action necessary

December - The judge in the Gratz v.

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Especially concerning was a conversation in which I was discussing the ignorance surrounding by affirmative action with a Latina friend, who spoke to her experience as a high school senior accepted to Cornell and shortly subjected to interrogations about her true merits.

Reflecting that diversity in our institutions of government, law enforcement, the military, business and education results in increased results and improved performance.

Is affirmative action necessary

To move away from this would be to move back towards the racial tensions seen in the days of Vietnam where white officers commanded ethnically diverse men. Of course affirmative action would be a blatantly unjust practice — if we lived in a perfect world.

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It is logical to question the home environment and the quality of the primary schools in those areas since they are high-risk groups Sowell They cite the fact that minorities serve and have served in management positions, as CEOs and as high-ranking government officials, even president. That oppression is the real injustice, the one that rightly deserves more attention than the ongoing debate about affirmative action in college admissions. It also ignores that socioeconomic-based or race-based affirmative action is not mutually exclusive. The more educated the general population the more competitive the national economy. As our nation becomes ever more diverse it is vital to continue to ensure not only that representatives of minority communities are able to function at all levels and in all positions within society but that non-minority community members are able to relate to them. Board of Education, rules that the "separate but equal" doctrine violates the Constitution.

Wilcher, use the number of discrimination cases brought before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as proof of this.

The importance of these examples is to reveal that differences are not always the result of discrimination. The US was able to lead the world and develop the Bomb before any other nation in part because of the efforts of immigrant scientists escaping the ethnic tyranny of the Nazi regime.

The concomitant effect will be that there will not be enough people from the privileged classes with the aptitude to complete the education necessary to fill those positions for which a college degree is a requirement.

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Numerically-based policies were destined for review by the highest court in the land.

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Affirmative Action and Why it's Necessary