Learning and development

learning and development plan

How can you better prepare your teams to perform in a highly competitive environment? To maintain the continued health of your company, management must target employees who can take over future leadership roles. Employees want to work for organizations that provide personal and professional development, and they consider it a deciding factor when looking for new employment or determining if they should stay with their current employer.

For current employees, immediately begin training on leadership development, communication and problem-solving skills. Learning and technology walk hand in hand. The knowledge and skills acquired and applied by employees is shared freely in a learning culture, creating a sustainable and adaptable organization.

Today, we must zero in on the learner, including his or her experience, work environment, performance and technological fluency, to create a training program. This article explored an undergraduate curriculum designed for applied psychologists.

For the learning consumer, training clips on your YouTube channel, a classroom training session, a MOOC massive online open course or a post shared on Facebook Workplace are elements that can be turned into learning content.

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