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The terms "medically determinable physical or mental 13 impairment" and "substantial gainful activity" shall have the 14 meanings ascribed to them in the "Social Security Act", as 15 now or hereafter amended, and the regulations issued 16 thereunder.

If service credit is denied because the 19 employee fails to meet these conditions, the contributions 20 covering the leave of absence shall be refunded without 21 interest. The exercise of the election shall obligate the last 18 employer to also make a one time non-refundable contribution 19 to the System.

Any uncompensated, unused 7 sick leave granted by an employer to facilitate the hiring, 8 retirement, termination, or other special circumstances of an 9 employee shall not be taken into account in calculating 10 service credit under this Section.

Public Building Commissions created under the 30 Public Building Commission Act, and located in counties 31 of less than 1, inhabitants. Such participation shall be 14 effective as of the date the joint agreement becomes 15 effective.

Disability retirement annuity. Subject to the limitation in subsection 20 han employer may adopt a resolution or ordinance 21 providing a program of early retirement incentives under this 22 Section at any timebut no more often than once in 5 years.

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I have worked all my life as an economist focusing on the California economy. The 28 payments shall be allocated among the several school 29 districts in proportion to the number of students in average 30 daily attendance for the last full school year for each 31 district in relation to the total number of students in 32 average attendance for such period for all districts served.

The appropriation 32 shall be based upon an estimate of assets available for 33 municipality contributions and liabilities therefor for the LRBEGfgam20 1 fiscal year for which appropriations are to be made, 2 including funds available from levies for this purpose in 3 prior years.

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