Marketing plan snapple a case study

Consumers loved Snapple the name was catchy and they had a successful ad campaign, Wendy the Snapple lady.

Marketing plan snapple a case study

Nor do I think it was a case of a nimble upstart outflanking a lumbering corporate behemoth. The rise of energy drinks in the beverage industry has created a demand for relaxing beverages. Snapple's brand slogan is "Made from the best stuff on Earth. Snapple could incorporate similar marketing strategies as AriZona in order to attempt to convert AriZona consumers into Snapple brand loyals. In order to do that Snapple must reestablish relations with distributors because Quaker has been able to undercut the distributors and forced them into a partnership with Gatorade. In its first week in charge of the brand, Triarc used a product launch to signal that the new regime understood what had made Snapple a hit in the first place. Secondly Triarc must implement a marketing plan that embraces the unique characteristics that set it apart from the competition in the beverage industry. There are various options that Triarc can choose to adopt. Since then, Snapple has dropped high-fructose corn syrup from all of its products and has also focused on emphasizing that their teas are made from green and black tea. Recommendations Triarc are now going to face a major challenge in building brand equity and reestablishing brand image and value.

The market segment has been difficult to define, Snapple is neither considered to be a lifestyle brand nor a fashion brand but saying that it is an alternative beverage category would be sufficient.

When it comes to Lipton and Brisk, they only produce tea products.

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However, the down-side of utilizing both researches is that it involves significant amount of time and money. Building brand equity requires firms to recognize and understand the needs of their consumers. Increased sales in the supermarkets and other warm channels will make the product more abundant to consumers in greater varieties and will also allow them to buy the product in bulk packaging.

Quaker and snapple merger case study

Continuous improvements and reviewing of past experience would aid Triarc in gaining an edge David, However, the down-side of utilizing both researches is that it involves significant amount of time and money. This campaign promoted consumer engagement with the brand way before social media was popular. Both Walmart and Target are currently running promotional offers for Snapple making the 16 oz. However there are certainly other radio programs and TV shows that can help in promoting the brand. Wendy was the person that consumers related to, and Wendy single handedly maintained an image of the company as small and caring. In this case; Mark Weinsteins company Triarc acquires Snapple, they are left with some majors decisions to make in order to rebuild brand equity and reestablish brand value. Quaker introduce Snapple in large size packing and retail display space in cold channels as a result Snapple best sold in 16 ounce single serving containers. Stern was an especially effective spokesperson. However, Snapple faced some very different dangers in the Cadbury acquisition compared to the Quaker acquisition. Since Snapple beverages are low involvement products, the messages should reflect the tendency for consumers to purchase based on emotions and feelings rather than logical reasoning. The other was that we just thought it was exciting. Instead, it flowed through the so-called cold channel: small distributors serving hundreds of thousands of lunch counters and delis, which sold single-serving refrigerated beverages consumed on the premises.

Studies showed that ready-to-drink beverages were selected almost strictly based upon fashion, taste, and status related considerations. But at Triarc, the talk was of play and fun, parties and parades.

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In order to prevent a steep decline in sales during colder months, we would recommend a pulsing media strategy from November to March with an emphasis on creating and showcasing new uses for Snapple products that are relevant to consumers during colder months. In most corporations, brand marketing sounds like a form of warfare. Along with ditching the much-despised and ounce bottles, the marketing team sent the distributors a clear message that they were part of the family and not an inefficiency that ought to be eliminated. Celebrity advocates Nick Cannon and Jimmy Fallon have been enlisted to urge fans to share what they love about Snapple although there is not much incentive for consumers to get involved in the discussion. Quaker had only one beverage brand in the market and tried to sell Snapple the same way as Gatorade. Dr Pepper Snapple Group, Give some thought as well to its soul. This ensures Snapple in properly balancing consistency and change with the brand. Snapple grew organically via a network of corner stores. Place: The Snapple brand is available primarily at grocery stores nationwide. Snapple is distributed in North America from a combination of 21 manufacturing centers, distribution centers and 19, employees. Studies showed that ready-to-drink beverages were selected almost strictly based upon fashion, taste, and status related considerations. They were wrong to assume that Snapple would grow as Gatorade had been a successful brand. Although Snapple was good at reaching its target market, its largest disadvantage in the early years was how small their niche was. But a marketing professional would probably explain the improved fit in terms of distribution economies or manufacturing synergies.
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Snapple Case Study Analysis