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This type of preparation also includes knowing your needs and limits, understanding what the other party wants and anticipating their limits, asking the right questions, and being creative in your counteroffers Previous psychological and economic approaches have focused on describing how people make decisions or prescribing how to improve decision making. It is not only about fighting for what we want from the other side, but maximizing the interests of all parties and achieve an agreement that no alternative can. Introduction II. We negotiate at work with our coworkers, at home with our families, or in the business world when trying to get a deal. According to Rubin and Brown , talks refers to a process in which individuals work unneurotic to formulate agreements regarding an issue or issues in dispute. If CCC can establish that, for example, the refuse collectors desire a better work life balance as well as sufficient financial benefits, there may be potential for a medium ground to be reached offering a certain amount of each. Is a decision dealing with divisible problems that involve trade-offs, or is it dealing with indivisible problems that cannot be traded off? Most major disasters occur when this early stage is circumvented, constrained, rushed, with key details being ignored, or where dissent and free debate is suppressed or too few people are consulted. This will aid CCC initially with regard to their uncertainties over issues such as the number of staff needed on each collection round, shift patterns and pay. It can also be harmful in the aspect of being both emotional and psychological An alternative to trading issues would be for CCC to arrange some kind of contingency contract to verify atmospheric condition their plans to change working practices is fair or weather it is being rightly disputed by the refuse collectors.

Establishing a strong strategic plan to help facilitate the finalization and ratification of any contract agreement is extremely important and will help both sides get passed their issues. However, CCC is in the position to try and create a trustworthy relationship in order to improve their informational position.

The unique thing about this exercise was the two significant phases of negotiation with two different groups. Many scholars hold the view that the prescriptions gained from this model are more valuable than those offered by more traditional approaches Lax and Sebenius While there may be some reason to view negotiations as attempts by each party to get the better of the other, this particular type of adversarial negotiation is really just one of the options available While some dealings are done in a more subtle manner without a great deal of negotiation per say there are other situations that would warrant more vocalized mutually acceptable compromises In everything that we do there are preferred end results and the end results are likely to affect more than one person.

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History should be respected. Perhaps an investment in more efficient equipment and machinery would be appealing. Open debate and democracy gives better outcomes than autocracy because it forces rigorous debate before major decisions are made.

Focussing on deeper interests can provide a more reasonable bargaining platform and a creative and practical solution to a negotiation. And it should improve or at least not damage the relationship between the parties. I, as Terry made the first offer and anchored our negotiation of wanting Joe to start tomorrow.

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Negotiation and Decision Making: A Professional and Personal View Essay