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These issues impact psychological testing because the lack of conduct codes, and ethical practices, the field of psychology would be placed under scrutiny as an unreliable practice. In regard to children, and individuals with limited capacity, legal guardians, caregivers or parents must provide consent.

Also, helped the development of psychological testing used in other means, that is, for other assessing behavior, personality, and mental competency.

Honig produced a combined illustration of discriminatory practices in testing, and the diagnosis of mental retardation or learning disabilities. The purpose of informed consent is to create a binding contract between the researcher and his or her clients.

It is no where near the quality of a professional IQ test but may be interesting and its internal workings are very visible so it may be useful for education. Also, psychologists must provide alternatives measures in regard to testing for individuals with physical disabilities, and visual and hearing impairments.

In regard to the ADA, psychologists, that is, for testing purposes must ensure that appropriate accommodations are met or made available for clients or patients who cannot abide by normal testing standards or environment Hogan, Here is a printable version of the Open Hemispheric Brain Dominance Scale, a measure of left-brained versus right-brained thinking, a discredited by popular personality theory.

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A major legal issue that psychologists face is ensuring appropriate accommodations is met in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act ADA of If the client is unable to legally provide consent, for example, the client is disabled, or under age, the parent or legal guardian of he individual is responsible for providing the required consent for testing; the psychologist is responsible in this case to ensure the parent or legal guardian is fully informed Hogan, These cases, Larry P.

Hannon, and Larry P. Also, in regard to confidentiality, psychologists have to maintain psychological testing results in a manner that is secure and as for disposal; psychologists have to dispose of testing results in a manner that does not expose confidential information Hogan,

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