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Wind patterns shift and more moisture enters the area, creating the potential for intense afternoon storms.

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Suitable for Irrigation: As such, there is little requirement for building new infrastructure for the rainwater harvesting system. It is the season of rain, which starts in the middle of June and continuous till the middle of September. Draining issue During the heavy raining can cause the many problems and difficulties for the people. It is the season of an umbrella and waterproof raincoats. The wells, lakes and ponds are become full from the rain water. Reduces Floods and Soil Erosion: During rainy season, rainwater is collected in large storage tanks which also helps in reducing floods in some low lying areas. Although our planet has amazing quantities of water everywhere, much of it is still unusable for drinking purposes. The DeMoss farm uses , bees to pollinate fruit. In many places winter has reduced giving way to summer. Maintenance requires little time and energy. Much like solar panels, the costs can be negated for the next ten to fifteen years, largely depending on the system itself and the rainfall of your area. The drainage system in our country is not adequate to drain away the rain water completely. Use of Northwest Passage Due to the ice sheets many parts around arctic are inaccessible and unfit for travel. Disadvantages of Climate Change Melting of ice The rise in temperature will lead to the melting of ice in the Polar Regions.

Our nations get huge amount by exchanging of goods and services by foreign exchange. In the southwest monsoon, the rain causes heavy rainfall.

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What is a Monsoon? This would mean improved agricultural productivity. It is the season of rain, which starts in the middle of June and continuous till the middle of September. How rain is generates Due to the summer months, there are hot sun rays raises the temperature on the earth.

Some roof types may be a problem for water tanks, as they can allow animal droppings, insects and even chemicals to seep into the water if used for plant irrigation.

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Demerits of rainy season There is not only the advantage, but also the few disadvantages of rainy season. Special discounts are available on multiple orders of chemical tanks and water tanks and to our commercial and government customers.

What are the Advantages of the Monsoons?

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In fact, it can also be stored in cisterns for use during times when water supplies are at an all time low.

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