Relevancy under indian evidence act

Any fact is relevant which shows or constitutes a motive or preparation for any fact in issue or relevant fact. Relevancy of statement as to fact of public nature, contained in certain Acts or notifications. The fact that, soon after the alleged robbery, he made a complaint relating to the offence, the circumstances under which, and the terms in which the complaint was made, are relevant.

In civil cases, character is wholly irrelevant except when in deciding damages. The above facts may not be relevant but admissible. Evidence essentially refers to those items or things that make the truth of a disputed matter quite apparent to a court.

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He produces a letter written by himself and dated at Lahore on that day, and bearing the Lahore post-mark of that day. That means oral admission regarding the contents of a document cannot be made admissible as evidence to the court. The relevancy of facts, which is not defined in Indian Evidence Act, is provided from its Sections 1 to Relevance of expert opinion Expert opinion is relevant in a judicial proceeding.

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A statement by C that he owed B rent is an admission, and is a relevant fact as against A, if A denies that C did owe rent to B. The circumstances are such that the crime must have been committed either by A, B, C or D, every fact which shows that the crime could have been committed by no one else and that it was not committed by either B, C or D, is relevant.

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Illustrations a The question is, whether A robbed B. A letter from A's deceased father to a friend, announcing the birth of A on a given day, is a relevant fact.

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A may prove these facts for the reasons stated in the last preceding illustration. Existence of course of business when relevant. In Sainudeen v State of Kerala Cr LJ Kerala , identification of the accused through his voice was relevant under this section. Special provisions as to evidence relating to electronic record. Finally, as per the direction of the Manager of the company he handed over the same to B, the Asstt. If, however, the evidence of eye witnesses is credit-worthy and is believed by the court which has placed implicit reliance on them, the question whether there is any motive or not becomes wholly irrelevant; Raja v. Motive, Preparation and Conduct Section 8 deals with: Motive Facts which show a motive for any facts in issue or relevant facts are relevant. Aman v. This section does not enable him to produce the bond or prove its contents at a subsequent stage of he proceedings, otherwise than in accordance with the conditions prescribed by the Code of Civil Producer. The fact is irrelevant as between B and C. Illustrations a The question is, whether a given document is the Will of A. A protest made by the Captain, whose attendance cannot be procured, is a relevant fact. Each delivery is a relevant fact.
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