Short essay on prize distribution

The stage too was decorated with multicolored sheets. After the prize-distribution was over, the President made a short speech.

annual prize day in school

The Principal then read out his annual report. This prize is received by the parents rather than students, because parents too are responsible for regular attendance.

Prize giving day essay

It further added to our joy and happiness. Although the ceremony had to take place at five in the evening the rumblings started a day earlier. The Director of Education was the chief guest. Prize distribution function is held in every school and every college. It is held and marks the end of the academic year. A holiday was announced and the function came to an end. It is very colourful, enjoyable and inspiring occasion. Tit-bits, stories, speeches and songs had a great effect on the audience. The Principal, the staff and the student look forward to this day with great zest and zeal. The next day was declared a holiday. As each and every winner got his prize, the gathering loudly cheered and clapped.

The chief guest then distributed the prizes. Carpets were spread for the students to sit on.

report on prize distribution ceremony in college

They are not only studious but also have wide general knowledge of the world. It was held in the open area of the school. The Director of Education was the chief guest.

Write a report on the annual prize distribution ceremony of your school

He was glad to be received with so much warmth, respect, and hospitality. The next day was declared a holiday. The fancy dress made people laugh again and again. Invitation cards in bright blue letters were printed and sent to the invitees. Sports had already taken place before Dussehra. Then there were medals for teams, other sports persons. Then the vice-principal thanked him and other guests for all the trouble they took in coming to the function. The hall was tastefully decorated with mottos, maps and pictures. The library, the art room and laboratories were given a face lift. He advised the students to work hard and make all round improvement. Some achieve it in games and others win prizes for getting distinction in academic field. It was held in the school hall.

It was a proud account of the all round progress made by the school.

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