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Whatever the choice, the response to this prompt should utilize anecdotal evidence liberally but intentionally, explaining circumstance in order to demonstrate how said circumstance has shaped your values or experiences, making them more sincere or meaningful.

Why was it significant and what do you think about the behavior?

Harvard supplement essay 2020

However, beware of trying too hard to be creative, as this can feel disingenuous and will be blatantly obvious to admission readers. Consider experiences that would distinguish you among a crowd of people. Providing a few key details of the topic of your intellectual pursuit can help vivify the way you render the discovery of your interest. Would Harvard allow you to realize an academic or career goal in a way you feel would be unattainable at any other school? How did it change your perspective? Our free webinar will teach you how to use the Common App, organize your activities, answer the essay prompts, and more! Only 2,, or a new record-low of 4. It took just one day for all of that to disappear. A list of books you have read during the past twelve months As you compile your list, think about the breadth and depth of content. Finally, make sure also to consider how your extracurricular experience could be continued or fostered at Harvard.

These can be as formal as extracurricular pursuits that have led to CV-worthy accomplishments or awards, or as informal as particularly well-expressed pieces of emotional growth or maturation as a result of circumstance.

Finally, it should confront the uniqueness and transformative power of a Harvard education. Your perspective on this issue would be greatly valued as it is one that likely will not be shared by a significant proportion of applications. Pare down anecdotal writing to its strongest fragments for the introduction.

Harvard University wants to know why you chose to apply to Harvard and why you want to attend Harvard above all other schools in the US, your home country, and abroad!

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For instance, if you worked on a team conducting a project, you could discuss the diverse ways in which each person approached a problem and how combining these differences fostered greater productivity. Then consider how that extracurricular experience might help you achieve a future goal and how it might enhance the community at Harvard upon your return.

Thesis even tried writing a few scripts together. Another suggestion would be to consider different definitions of diversity as opposed to the obvious definition of diversity.

why i want to go to harvard essay

Decoding this origin of flavors can further connect back to your love of problem solving.

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