The essential existence of obedience and

It added an article on obedience to the bishops, not in virtue of the vow, but in the virtue of obedience.

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A sense of accountability is essential for fully-fledged obedience to the Law of God. To our modern way of thinking, this view of obedience can seem blown out of all proportion. The theme of obedience was treated in Constitutions 24 to 28 and Rules 18 and It is obvious that the Founder was influenced by this notion of Ignatian blind obedience with regard to government in the Congregation.

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He also found that the more the experimenter prodded the participant to continue, the more likely they were to stop the experiment.

On the other hand, the will acts on the intelligence by directing it to concentrate on motives that may modify its judgment. These documents constitute an inexhaustible source of light illuminating all aspects of Oblate life.

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In the modeled refusal condition, two confederates were used, where one confederate acted as the learner and the other was the teacher.

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Islam’s Code of Life: Between Faith and Obedience