The life and career of napoleon

Napoleon was educated at three schools: briefly at Autunfor five years at the military college of Brienne, and finally for one year at the military academy in Paris.

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This prompted Britain, Prussia, Russia and Austria to declare war. In April of that year, he dictated his last will: "I wish my ashes to rest on the banks of the Seine, in the midst of that French people which I have loved so much.

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The French Revolution began inand within three years revolutionaries had overthrown the monarchy and proclaimed a French republic. After a series of initial engagements, Napoleon was narrowly defeated in one of history's greatest battles: Waterloo.

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This artifact provided the key to cracking the code of Egyptian hieroglyphics, a written language that had been dead for almost 2, years. Napoleon then turned his attention to a career in the army there. The Battle of Waterloo was over within a week. He centralised the government, reinstated Roman Catholicism as the state religion, instituted education reforms, and managed the creation of the Bank of France. In France, Napoleon became associated with Augustin Robespierre , the brother of revolutionary leader Maximilien Robespierre , a Jacobin who was a key force behind the Reign of Terror , a period of violence against enemies of the revolution. He immediately went on the offensive, hoping to defeat the forces of Piedmont before their Austrian allies could intervene. The Napoleonic Code followed Napoleon's new constitution, which created the first consul — a position which amounted to nothing less than a dictatorship. He was given sovereignty over the small island, while his wife and son went to Austria.

Napoleon triumphed over the Austrians at Marengo inand then negotiated a general European peace which established French power on the continent. He devised plans for attacking the Kingdom of Sardinia as part of France's campaign against the First Coalition.

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Napoleon became "first consul" for ten years, with two consuls appointed by him who had consultative voices only. Disappointed, Napoleon returned to France, and in April he was appointed first lieutenant to the 4th regiment of artillery, garrisoned at Valence. In September he got leave to go back to Corsica again for three months. Vast numbers of enemy soldiers advanced across Europe toward France, overturning the states Bonaparte had created. March 8, —Jan. During his time in power, Napoleon often posed for paintings with his hand in his vest, leading to some speculation after his death that he had been plagued by stomach pain for years. In June , his forces invaded Belgium, where British and Prussian troops were stationed.

As war was about to break out across Europe, Napoleon was still a second lieutenant stationed in a sleepy garrison town, and went on leave to see his family in Corsica.

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Historical Facts About Napoleon Bonaparte