Tips for writing a discussion essay

Write a paper using your outline, research data and usual essay structure. Examine the arguments for and against capital punishment.

The main body will examine arguments for in one or more paragraphs and arguments against also in one or more paragraphs. The introduction also offers the reader with vital background information.

The following are examples of discussion essay topics. Often you will examine what other people have already said on the same subject and include this information using paraphrasing and summarising skills, as well as correct citations.

Step Two: Brainstorm your topic Writing a discussion essay you should pick a debatable topic that would be interesting for most of the people or at least to your professor. A discussion essay provides valid points supporting or opposing an existing issue.

discussion writing examples

Secondly, this technological development has its drawbacks, as it has been observed that some individuals tend to spend a lot of their time surfing the internet or on different social networking sites.

The essay should offer a well-rounded understanding of all issues before the writer shows his personal conclusions and opinions.

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Discuss both sides of this argument and then give your own opinion.

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How to Write a Discussion Essay (with Pictures)