Unit 306 understand health and safety in social care settings

why is it important to follow an individuals care plan

Therefore, if the policies are followed almost any risk will be covered with an action to any foreseeable eventuality, warranting an appropriate behaviour as carers and avoiding to be liable of negligence in case something happens.

The NHS trust ensures that all staff members are trained accordingly in fire safety and are aware of the different types of fire extinguishers and fire fighting equipment available.

Not having training could also result in your dismissal from work. Always check at the label on how to use it before using the product. Not following a patients care plan or being unaware of any physical changes to their health could lead to injury or death. Security Breach The NHS trust follow policies that ensure good security, however, sometimes there may be a possibility of breach. An urgent need for rapid decisions, shortage of time, and lack of resources and trained personnel can lead to chaos during an emergency. The importance of specialist training before assisting an individual is of paramount importance. The learner can: 5. Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment PPE such as gloves, aprons, eye protection should be worn when using the substances. Earthy veg should be peeled away from other foods to keep the earth bacteria from touching it. The learner can: 3. You just need to type in what you want to know.

Risk assessments make staff and service users aware of potential risk. The leads and managers of each ward or department are duty bound to maintain safety levels and therefore regular risk assessments are carried out to ensure a safe environment. Work based training, would generally cover most aspects of general health and safety, however should additional support and information be needed, there are a number of agencies that provide such information, such as; the HSE Health Debbie Slack :: Health and Social Care Level 2 Unit: 8 Understand Health and Safety in Social Care Settings.

It is import that we use covered containers, ensuring we label them with contents as well as expiry date.

Unit 306 understand health and safety in social care settings

Following an emergency or incident an Incident Reporting Form must be completed by the Lead or Senior Nurse, staff involved should then be debriefed on the situation.

The NHS trust regularly revises their Emergency plans through risk assessments and management meetings, staff are informed of the changes through the intranet and attend regular training courses.

The most common signs are erratic behaviour, mood swings and overall restlessness. Examples are diarrhoea and norovirus. These supports are situated around various points in the unit. Additional support may be required in an emergency, if there is conflict and you do not feel comfortable dealing with it by yourself, if leaving a person where they are will cause them more danger, if moving someone with equipment that requires the aid of more than one person or if you are unsure and need another persons help. Regular fire alarm tests, the use of smoke alarms and well maintained fire equipment are ways of alerting the start of fire and prevention of a fire from escalating. Unit Understand health and safety in social care settings 3. Rinse thoroughly 5.

Every support worker need to be trained to minimise the risk and to gain knowledge. Like a care worker I have to aware of Unit 2 any possible accidents and sudden illness. Outcome 9: Understand how to manage stress.

Ensure you have knowledge and help, if possible, anyone with a mobility problem. Additionally, it is considered good practice to kept everything under locks and be sure everything is stored properly, away from extreme hot and humidity, and checking that caps are properly fastened and bottles are kept upright and without any marks or damage which may cause spillage.

The issue must be corrected as soon as humanly possible in order to minimize the hazard it might pose and assess the suitability of the given solution to ascertain if that issue has been addressed.

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Assignment Understand health and safety in social care