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Prominence- Famous people and those in the public eye have a higher news value than ordinary citizens.

News reporting

There are no pat answers but some general guidelines exist. Most news is investigated and presented by journalists or news Reporters, and can be distributed to various outlets via news agencies. They may well stop reading. Television has many sins of its own, but one thing it purveys very quickly to viewers is whether reporters at a news conference are behaving arrogantly or with unnecessary brusqueness. A good source is a book of quotations. Nobody is impressed by the use of a word they do not understand or would not use in everyday speech. As noted, finding out the specifics takes effort and ingenuity. As you continue to hone your craft, you'll notice most major news outlets require writers to adhere to the Associated Press AP style of writing. In some newsrooms quote leads are banned because finding the perfect quote for an article is a very challenging task that most newspapers don't have the time for.

Holding the reader's interest does not stop until he or she has read to the end. You need to decide what is more important, what is less important, to establish a hierarchy of pieces of information.

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Example: The pencil sharpener was always hungry. Elaine Williams on November 13, am Thanks for opening my mind to the upside down pyramid structure of narrating a story or information.

Writing Leads Open with an interesting question that relates to the main idea. You may want to give the answer right away or save it for the conclusion. Here's an example: It was like the scene from the movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," only for a wireless generation.

How to write a news report for students

Just as long words speak down to those with a smaller vocabulary - and there is always a simpler, and less space consuming, alternative - so well-used Latin expressions mean nothing to those who have not learned that language, apart from lawyers who have had to mug up. Avoid backing into sentences with long dependent clauses, especially introductory ones. If it's a soft news story, like a human interest story or background information, then you can place the facts in the body of the story. Writing a Good Lead The lead, or the first few sentences, needs to be strong enough to grab the reader's attention and make them want to read more. If the lead does not grab the reader, the writer's work is in vain. But even in covering an event, such as a meeting, resist the temptation to begin with the opening of the meeting and close with the ending. The information you have gathered will not have entered your notebook in order of importance. Either way makes sense, though. Be sure to put quotations around the quotation and give credit to the person who said it. Make sure the news report is suitable for everyone to read. Narrative leads tell a story from a 12 person's specific perspective; it's the most classic and in some instances most effective way to start out a feature. Quotation Not from a Famous Person Open with a quotation from a person that is not famous.

And there is no single patented version of what constitutes truth. If they add relevantly to the information being provided, they can stay.

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News is the issue for discussions and debates. Even when information from a source is not used in a direct quote and is paraphrased instead, it still must be attributed to that source. Direct quotes and paraphrasing can be used to attribute information obtained in an interview with a source. Journalists cannot expect to be walled apart from the community in which they live. In this style of writing, you are not allowed to "editorialize" state your own opinion in any way. In protecting the reader from incomprehension and boredom, the text editor has to insist on language which is specific, emphatic and concise. How would you sum up quickly what happened?

But this is not happening always as some stories run for decades and others are recycled with a gloss of newness supplied to it. Try to put yourself in the place of the reader coming cold to the story, interested in it and asking the questions that will make it clear. Even though only one person -- the little girl -- was directly affected, many people will feel a strong emotional response to the story Timeliness: information has timeliness if it happened recently i.

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The judge sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

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3 Clear and Easy Ways to Write a News Report