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Identifying and Checking Support for Major Claims: The main claim of the paper will be supported by sub-claims; these will need to be adequately supported as well. Evaluate the design of each individual sentence; in doing so, employ the following principles: 1. New York: Longman, Proofreading must also go beyond simply using a spell check feature on our computers, as this technique is not as reliable as many of us would like to believe. Find the real subject the thing actually performing the verb , and allow it to occupy this role in the sentence Evaluation of the material was performed on the basis of strength, flexibility, and cost. If you try to identify and revise too many things at once, you risk losing focus, and your proofreading will be less effective. It doesn't lead out of the previous sentence.

Here we are discussing the ideology of it. You could also ask someone else to edit your writing. In correcting these problems, you usually need to change the punctuation.

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Do you agree with the changes that Mariah made to her paragraph? Within newspapers and periodicals, the terminology shifts still further. Check Against Your Outline: Begin the revision process by comparing your first draft to your outline, and asking the following questions: Does your draft match your outline?

But essential general skills are attention to detail, the ability to sustain focus while working through lengthy pieces of text on complex topics, tact in dealing with writers, and excellent communication skills.

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Technical editing See also: Technical writing and Technical communication Technical editing involves reviewing text written on a technical topic, identifying usage errors and ensuring adherence to a style guide. Punctuation When you are revising your writing, you should check to make sure you have not written any run-on sentences or sentence fragments.

This technique is helpful for checking spelling. Most writers don't initially say what they want to say, or say it as well as they could.

Content is important.

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As for scholarly journals , where spontaneous submissions are more common than commissioned works, the position of journal editor or editor-in-chief replaces the acquisitions editor of the book publishing environment, while the roles of production editor and copy editor remain. Read your dialogue outloud to ensure it flows. But like it or not, the way a paper looks affects the way others judge it. Sentences with constructions that can be shortened. So what are you looking for when you are editing your own work? Of course, you may find a tense problem as you are checking spelling or a spelling problem as you are checking punctuation. Does the story make sense? Speech marks are also vital to show who is speaking and when. This process is called peer review The process in which a writer allows a peer to read and evaluate a draft.. If you are writing on a computer, you should run the spell check.
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