Why write a travel blog

how to start a travel blog

Some people write content for paying clients, others trade hostel work for beds, some work part-time as teachers, others live off savings or do myriad online jobs like webdesign and translation. You frequently have to feed readers with quality content, so they become so habitual that they can barely wait for your next article.

Travel blogging is much harder than you realize. Well this very blog you are reading right now has made this dream a reality.

Owning a business, particularly in travel, is very challenging.

How to write a travel blog for friends

Give answers in your next articles. Stay live on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This community is comforting. The majority of our posts on this site are over words long, some as big as 6, The reason I want a successful travel blog is to: document and share my adventures and memories get the stories and lessons within me out and allow them to have a deeper and wider purpose help sustain and create a lifestyle I love continue living and breathing travel with my kids! Please add your comments below. The rest will follow. You need to decide whether to include images and videos, and how. If you present yourself and your blog in an honest, yet positive and appealing way, you will be shocked at the number of free or discounted travel activities you can get in return for a write-up on your blog. To Make Money Something of a holy grail this one. Travel Advice 52 Replies Are you planning a trip around the world? I loved that I was in a position to help in that way, and I realized this was a vital part of what we do — to give a voice to the local communities working to share what is great about their region and helping them to be successful as well. Top tip: As you change direction in life, so will your blog.

Try to get specific names and contact information for the travel professionals you find—and call or email them to introduce yourself. People really responded; I could see there was a need, and I resolved to write for that audience, to travel for them.

Nonetheless, maintaining a travel blog will enhance your travel experience.

Why write a travel blog

Study vogue to recognize what works with your readers. These days I post one longer article and spend the rest of the time on marketing and pitching. Blogging platforms such as Wordpress, Blogspot, Blogger, Tumblr and Ghost are all user-friendly - take a look at the different ones and see which you prefer. I try to include the type of information I look for myself when I travel. You want to start a travel blog and become a successful travel blogger for yourself. It took a few months of steady, daily posting to build up a following. If you are prepared to stick at it whilst funding your travels in a more conventional way for a start, who knows where your blog could take you.

Talk to them, ask the right questions, listen very carefully, and pay attention to your data. Be different. OK, and maybe a laptop and an internet connection and a camera too. Master a few skills. Start a Blog in 10 Minutes!

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Why you should write a travel blog