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It is free to use. If you want your most recently edited notes at the top instead, you can always change it back.

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Include plural forms and synonyms of your keywords. In practice, I use a three-letter code for each project. This is especially useful in the Chapter list, which is best kept in the correct order. Put a little structure around those notes and you can build a journal that makes your thoughts easier to refer to in the future.

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Basically, Scrivener is your best friend. Jot down a recommendation on the fly and your list is automatically synced between your devices.

How to organize writing projects

When Amy Stewart wrote her bestselling novel Girl Waits With Gun, she collected thousands of newspaper clippings, photos, and files. We take inspiration where we can get it — and Evernote is perfect for quickly capturing ideas and epiphanies in the moment. Their pages hold earth-shaking ideas, unexplored worlds, entire universes of thought. You can switch back and forth between the view modes with the click of a button! I was missing the full-screen writing environment—not anymore! Step 4 Transcribing and editing Preparation Transcribe all your audio notes to written notes. Many authors build Evernote into their workflows, from initial brainstorming to tracking manuscript submissions. If you want your most recently edited notes at the top instead, you can always change it back. Use it to save web pages, articles, specific passages, images, and PDFs. Maybe a neat array of notebooks and stacks are your thing. Step 3. Instead, dump them in Evernote so that you can actually find them when you need them. Did someone bring an outstanding bottle of wine? If you have Evernote Premium , you will be able to access your notes offline, so Internet access is optional.

Click this button and copy and paste your Evernote email to email it to your Notebook.

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The pros and cons of writing a novel with Evernote and OneNote