Writing a pioneer journal covers

Now that the journals are done, let's talk about the Pioneer Portraits!

My three hole punch works well too. Once the ovals were cut, the photos were added. All the wheels of the wagon were tied fast, and it slid along the ground. If you know of tricks and tips that would make the process better, please share them in the comments. In the end, the cover should be be one continuous piece that just gets folded. Several of us visited them. I'm not sure why I added it to the photo. The first thing I did was open up the app Snapseed on my iPhone. The Sharpie bled through the covers, so next year, I'm going to have to remember to plan for that. On our journal making day, I asked all students to bring clothing and props that we could use as part of our photo shoot. We used this oval cutter by Fiskars, purchased specifically for this project! The sick better. They lived in several parts of the state and spent the later years of their life in Oakland. This may become a regular addition to the pioneer journals in the future!

Once I figured out the filters I wanted to use, it was just a matter of repeating the steps over and over again 28 times. Frink, Margaret Frink and her husband Ledyard traveled the Trail in I opened a photo of one of my students Then we traveled on to Thomas Forkā€¦ The thermometer at noon showed eighty degrees.

The Sharpie bled through the covers, so next year, I'm going to have to remember to plan for that. Her diary is one of the best accounts of the Oregon Trail experience. Fleming one of our Co.

writing a pioneer journal covers

The results from on are available online. This year, I tried something a little different for our journals. This means they will need to crinkle it up and smooth it out over and over and over and over and over again!

pioneer journals

When I was done editing all of the photographs, I sent them to Costco for printing.

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Pioneer Project Game Diary Journal Entry